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Readers Stories

Submitted by: Webmaster. Date:10/10/01

My pap and I were driving in the mountains (near Wolf/Reeds Gap) in the Hemi (2.2l K, not the 462) doing a legal and sedate 15 MPH. I always fantasized about punching the gas, so I asked him if I could floor it for a few seconds. He said ok, so I braked gently and waited... then "FLOORED  IT!" I watched the needle climb to 30..40..50..55, then I let off before I was doing 60 on back mountain roads. The next day, we had the Jeep (86, V6, 2.8, couldn't outrun its shadow) and I asked Pap if I could punch the gas in the Jeep. He said yes, and I stopped, and hit the gas. It took about 2 sec. for the Jeep to respond, and no tire spin! I watched the needle, it seemed to take forever to get to 35 MPH.