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Preface: For the past two years, I had been trying to get my grandfather to purchase a Chrysler product. Three years ago, I got him into a 1986 Jeep Cherokee w/ the 2.8L GM V6. It had a Torque-Flite 3-spd in it, so I guess in part it was a Chrysler. Note: He hated the Jeep in '98, now he loves it. He likes the 4X4 capabilities, the trim dimensions and the good gas mileage from the 115hp V6. Fast forward into 2000. I had really fallen in love with the Chrysler K-cars, and my grandfather who hated them because of their 'death rattle' and the (false) fact that Chryslers were junk. But fate stepped in and a friend of my grandfathers had a 1985 Dodge Aries SE on sale for $400 dollars. The car had 150,000 miles on the clock, and my Pap had done the guy some favors, so the price came out to be $200. The last owner has the head worked on, at a price of $600!Did we ever get a deal. the car had some options that most '85 Plymouth/Dodge K's don't have.

 It has a console, and bucket seats. Did I also mention FUEL INJECTION! Its only the EFI, single port, but it bumps up the HP to 99 SAE. This car has allot of pickup for a 4-banger. The radio was pure Chrysler, a pice of crap. The volume control was messed up, and the AM/FM button didn't work. Oh, if you pressed on it with a pair of lineman's pliers, it went to FM. It did pick up AM stations O.K., but F.M reception was in the toilet. 

Anyway, when I went up to Pennsylvania for Christmas Vacation (even though I am Jewish), I saw it for the first time. I love the little car to death. About four days befor Christmas, that night I put a wood grain steering wheel cover with little massage nubs on it. It was about 20 above zero that night,a nd I was putting a steering wheel cover on! Anyway, the next morning, I did a tune up job. At 9:05, I got up and replaced the plugs and wires, with no adult supervision! It a s a pain in  the butt to get the plugs out, but the wires were a pice of cake. I got Autolight platinum plugs and a Wal-Mart set of lifetime wires. My pap had no clue about what was going on, but later on when I went out to start the K-car, it had a hard time starting. When it did start, it ran rough and was shaking, so I shut it off, afraid I crossed some wires. But i keyed the engine again and low and behold it started. After a few minutes, I broke down and told him "I have a confession to make Pap.." He was proud and mad at the same time. He was proud of me and a little mad for not having him supervise, but he was proud. Anyway, enough of my story, here's a pic of the K-Car, in all of its glory.


Note, that's my Pap, not me; Technical side note: the grille is off of a Plymouth K, not the Dodge grill.