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New Page Of Rage

Texans: What Are They So Proud About?

Today as I was going home from school I asked my step-sister "What time do you's guys get out of school?" Big mistake. Her friend asked my step-mom why I didn't say y'all (ugh!). She said because I try to act like a northerner. I wanted to hit her across the head! I do not try to act like a northerner (i.e. devil spawned Yankee), seeing as I spend over 3 months out of the year in New Jersey & Pennsylvania. All of my relatives live in those two states, exc. my Aunt Lori. I don't "try" to sound like a yanked, it just comes natural. And I detest "y'all." That retarded drawl and slang, gives me the hebby jibes. I have for years wanted to live in N.J, many people thought I was from N.J. I just detest Texas. All the retards and gas guzzlin truck drivers live here. And the City of Houston is the most polluted city in the United States. I have bad sinus problems and the smog & haze just agitates it. The fact that I am a democrat does not help the situation ether! Texas just never felt like home, always like a Motel 6 next to a refinery. What also bugs me about Texas (and Texans in general) is how they always refer to themselves as "Texans." They're not Americans, but Texans. Thus Texas pride bullcrap gets to me. That's why I wear my N.J t-shirt every Go-(Redneck) Texan Day. If you live in Texas, the commericals always say something about 'Texas Sized" weither dealing with cable, food etc.. Just my observations. To me, the only thing big about Texas is its ego! Anyway, goto the left for your comments & suggestions