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My Self

My name is Thomas Lawler. I am 11 yeas old. And I MEAN OLD!I get back pain from walking too much.

I LOVE 80's Chrysler's. From Lancer to Le Baron GTS.I read and re-read Iacocca,and,Talking Straight.My favorte ChrysCo product is the Dodge Lancer ES.Favorite engine is a 2.2 Turbo I.I love to read car manuals.My favorite is a 88' Reliant K. I collect Chrysler comercals, from National Geographics, 80's and early 90's only! My favorite music is 50's and 60's oldies.I live in Houston,Texas.Heat and humidity are murder!I go to Cornerstone Academy, a charter school. Love it there. My teachers are wonderful. Thanks for visiting my site.Well, enough of my self, HIT THE BACK BUTTON!


Thomas Lawler