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My Self

My name is Thomas Lawler. I am 11 yeas old.And I MEAN OLD!I get back pain from walking too mucth.

I LOVE 80's Chrysler's.From Lancer to Le Baron GTS.I read and re-read Iacocca,and,Talking Straight.My favorte ChrysCo product is the Dodge Lancer ES.Favorite engine is a 2.2 Turbo I.I love to read car manuals.My favorite is a 88' Reliant K. I collect Chrysler comercals, from National Geographics, 80's and early 90's only! My favorite music is 50's and 60's oldies.I live in Houston,Texas.Heat and humidity are murder!I go to Cornerstone Academy, a charter school.Two of my teachers are real idiots and inflexable.They say one thing and do the other.Thanks for visiting my site.Well, enough of my self, HIT THE BACK BUTTON!


Thomas Edward Lawler IV