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K- Car Updates

June: I fixed the K car radio the easy way, I replaced it! Another friend of my paps has a used car lot, and he had a '88 Reliant that he took the engine out of. I noticed it had the AM/FM radio, so I asked him about a swap. He said ok, as long as i could make it look like it had never been swape. We also swaped upper dahboard trim bezels, the '88 had the wood grain trim.

June- Pap has a friend replace the water pump hoses, Travis had fun doing that jpb. Did a great job though.

July: Going through downtown Lewistown and the temp needle is hovering at the H. When we get to the local auto parts store, we get out and I notice that there is coolant flowing from under the car! The water pump went, so i get a hose and flush the radator clean. We wait for it to cool off, then we take off for the garage and replace the water pump. Another day spend fixing the car.

Mid-July- Had a fun time replacing the front brakes and ajusting the rear. The front/driver side brake pad stickes at times.