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The Chrysler E Class

The E Class is made up of the Executive Sedan, E Class Sedan, and the New Yorker.It is basicily a longer K Car. The E Class shared their engine's with the K's.In '84,the New Yorker had the TBI 2.2, with turbocharging as a option. They had Electronic Voice Alert, audible and annoying, and a Electronic Trip Computer.The Sedan lasted 2 years, the Exec Sedan lasted 4, and the New Yorker lasted until 86-87.In 1984, the New Yorker got a Electronic Instrument Cluster. In '86,the New Yorker had a standard TBI 2.5, and the 2.2 Turbo I as an option.It had more standard features than Buick Electra, like a overhead console, auto tranny, p/s, p/b/, power mirrors and wide 50/50 pillow seats.

Overhead Console Display

Digital Display in 86


Voice Alert Sounds







Washer Fluid

Door Ajar