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Bushisims: Morons Unite

"You've heard Al Gore say he invented the internet.
Well, if he was so smart, why do all the addresses begin with "W"?"
--10-28-00       Headline News - Mimi

Nov. 2, 2000, SEATTLE --
"If you don't stand for anything, you don't standfor anything!"
Gov. George W. Bush said to a packed rally at Bellevue Community College on Tuesday night.
--Thanks, Michael.

"They said this issue wouldn't resignate with the People. They've been proved wrong, it does resignate." ("resonate"?!)

"I believe a military of high morale is conducive to keeping the peace..."
  not the worst but...
"...when we find a senior who has to choose between food and medicine-that's not our vision of America."    Am I missing something?  Aren't the two parts of this statement disconnected?

"A surplus means there'll be money left over.  Otherwise, it wouldn't be called a surplus."
-- Kalamazoo, MI  10/27/2000 - Jack

If we are going to save a generation of young people, our children must know they will face bad consequences for criminal behavior. Sadly, too many youths are not getting that message. Our juvenile justice system must say to our children: We love you, but we are going to hold you accountable for your actions. --Bush campaign literature. 
(Mr. Dubya: should  you be held accountable for your youthful indiscretions when you were a 30 year old "child"?!)

"I'm not going to talk about what I did as a child. What I am going to talk about -- and I am going to say this consistently -- [is that] it is irrelevant what I did 20 to 30 years ago. What's relevant is that I have learned from any mistakes I made. I do not want to send signals to anybody that what Gov. Bush did 30 years ago is cool to try."
--Gov. Bush in an interview with WMUR-TV in New Hampshire, when asked if he had used "drugs, marijuana, cocaine" 

"I don't want nations feeling like that they can bully
ourselves and our allies. I want to have a ballistic defense
system so that we can make the world more peaceful, and at
the same time I want to reduce our own nuclear capacities to
the level commiserate with keeping the peace."
—Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 23, 2000

"Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take
—LaCrosse, Wis., Oct. 18, 2000 

"If I'm the president, we're going to have emergency-room care,
we're going to have gag orders."

"Drug therapies are replacing a lot of medicines as we used to
know it." 

"It's one thing about insurance, that's a Washington term."

"I think we ought to raise the age at which juveniles can have a

"Mr. Vice President, in all due respect, it is—I'm not sure 80
percent of the people get the death tax. I know this: 100 percent
will get it if I'm the president."

"Quotas are bad for America. It's not the way America is all

"If affirmative action means what I just described, what I'm for,
then I'm for it."
—St. Louis, Mo., October 18, 2000

"Our priorities is our faith."
—Greensboro, N.C., Oct. 10, 2000

"I mean, there needs to be a wholesale effort against racial
profiling, which is illiterate children."
—Second presidential debate, Oct. 11, 2000 (Thanks to Leonard Williams.)

"It's going to require numerous IRA agents."
—On Gore's tax plan, Greensboro, N.C., Oct. 10, 2000 

"I think if you know what you believe, it makes it a lot easier to
answer questions. I can't answer your question."
—In response to a question about whether he wished he could take back any of his answers in the 
first debate. Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Oct. 4, 2000 (Thanks to Peter Feld.) 

"I would have my secretary of treasury be in touch with the
financial centers, not only here but at home."
—Boston, Oct. 3, 2000 (Thanks to M. Bateman.)

While speaking about KIPP Academy in Houston, Texas during the debate
last night,  would-be president Bush said:
"It's a school full of so-called at-risk children. It's how we,
unfortunately, label certain children. It means basically they
can't learn.  ...  It's one of the best schools in Houston."
So he thinks that "at-risk" means "can't learn?"  And that one of the
best schools in Houston is filled with students that can't learn? What an idiot. (Thanks Derek Brandon)

... I've been talking to Vicente Fox, the new president of Mexico... I know him... to have gas and oil sent to U.S.... so we'll not depend on foreign oil...
-- on the first Presidential debate, 10/03/2000

"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."
—Saginaw, Mich., Sept. 29, 2000

 "I will have a foreign-handed foreign policy."
—Redwood, Calif., Sept. 27, 2000

"One of the common denominators I have found is that expectations
  rise above that which is expected." --Los Angeles, Sept. 27, 2000

"...more and more of our imports are coming from overseas."
  -- On NPR's Morning Edition  (9/26) - (Thanks Paul ...)

Larry King: "What do people misunderstand about you most" 
George Walker Bush: "That I'm running on my dad's name... (!?!)
I'm proud of my dad... I reconciled my love for my dad a long time ago
-- What the heck is he talking about? (Thanks Dave...)

"Well, that's going to be up to the pundits and the people to make 
  up their   mind. I'll   tell you what is a president for him, for example,
  talking about  my record in the  state of Texas. I mean, he's willing 
  to say anything in  order to convince people that I haven't had a 
 good record in Texas." 
  --MSNBC, Sept. 20, 2000 (Thanks to Gregory H. Monberg.)

"I am aperson who recognizes the fallacy of humans...," 
apparently meaning fallibility."
--from "Bush courts women in cozy 'Oprah' visit" by William Goldshclag
printed in the New York City edition of the Daily News, September 20, 2000, page 5 (Thanks Michael...)

"A tax cut is really one of the anecdotes to coming out of an 
 economic  illness."-- The Edge With Paula Zahn, Sept. 18, 2000

"The woman who knew that I had dyslexia--I never interviewed her."
  --Orange, Calif., Sept. 15, 2000

"The best way to relieve families from time is to let them keep some
of their own money." —Westminster, Calif., Sept.13, 2000



"They have miscalculated me as a leader." —Ibid.



"...I don't need to be subliminabable.." Orlando, FL, Sept. 12 -- when caught using subliminal technique in his dirty ads against Gore... (read more)



"This is what I'm good at. I like meeting people, my fellow citizens, I like interfacing with them."—Outside Pittsburgh, Sept. 8, 2000



    "That's Washington. That's the place where you find people getting ready to jump out of the foxholes before the first shot is fired."
—Westland, Mich., Sept. 8, 2000



"Listen, Al Gore is a very tough opponent. He is the incumbent.  He represents the incumbency. And a challenger is somebody who generally  comes from the pack and wins, if you're going to win. And that's where I'm coming from."
—Detroit, Sept. 7, 2000 (Thanks to Michael Butler, Houston, Texas.)



"We'll let our friends be the peacekeepers and the great country called America will be the pacemakers."—Houston,Texas, Sept. 6, 2000



"We don't believe in planners and deciders making the decisions on behalf of Americans."—Scranton, Pa., Sept. 6, 2000



"I regret that a private comment I made to the vice presidential candidate made it through the public airways." —Allentown, Pa., Sept. 5, 2000. 
Is he regreting what he said? Oh, no... he's regreting that we heard... 
who is an asshole? (Bush's list of assholes must be very loooong...)



"The point is, this is a way to help inoculate me about what has come and is coming."
--on his anti-Gore ad, in an interview with the New York Times, Sept. 2, 2000 



 "As governor of Texas, I have set high standards for our public
schools, and I have met those standards."
--CNN online chat, Aug.30, 2000  (what are ya' laughin at?)



"Well, I think if you say you're going to do something and don't do
it, that's trustworthiness."--Ibid.



- "exemplarary"...
-- On 60 Minutes, 09/10/2000, after a rather interesting "expose" of the Texas schools and 
the terrified kids waiting to take the TAAS (?) test... I wonder what his SAT's were? The debates will most certainly win an Emmy for best comedy series.- Frank
(Thanks Frank)



       The Texas governor, who spoke passionately of the need for 
 "plain-spoken Americans in the White House," tried to appear more
 Southern gentleman than good-ol' boy as he and running mate Dick 
 Cheney shook hands with supporters at Naperville North High School
 before cantering among the crowd at the city's Last Fling 2000
     But "plain-spoken" took on quite an ironic meaning just before 
 Bush addressed the estimated 7,500 people who gathered in and 
 about the makeshift outdoor arena south of the high school.
      A live microphone picked up an aside in which Bush described a
 New York Times reporter who had  written critically of his campaign as 
"a major-league ass hole." The microphone also recorded Cheney's
 rejoinder of "Oh yeah, he is, big time."
     The disparaging words could not be heard by most observers over
 the spirited playing of a marching band and the earsplitting roar of
 the crowd. Cheney later refused to discuss the incident, saying
 only that Bush "made a private comment to me."
 ...sounds very "presidential"..    ---Naperville Sun - 09/06/00 - Thanks Chris




  "I don't know whether I'm going to win or not. I think I am.  I do know I'm ready for the job. And, if not, that's just the way it goes."
—Des Moines, Iowa, Aug. 21, 2000



"We cannot let terriers* and rogue nations hold this nation hostile
(hostage) or hold our allies hostile.'' 
—Ibid. *Thanks for the correction, Phyllis (09/09/00)



 "No matter what anyone says, George can read 
 a Teleprompter. Thus, he showed that he has all 
 of  the capabilities necessary to be an American 
 president in the Information Age." 




On His Tax Break Plan Bush said that
"if most of the breaks  go to wealthy people it's because
'most of the people who pay taxes are wealthy."
Extracted from the Internet - shocked? me too but not surprised


"The American people wants a president that 
 appeals to the angels..."
Bush in his speech during the GOP convention.
Does he really believe that it is him ?...

"This case has had full analyzation and has been looked at a lot. 
I understand the emotionality of death penalty cases."
--Seattle Post-Intelligencer,
                                 June 23, 2000 (Thanks to Johnny Green.)