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Copying a CD to your Media Library:
You can add your favorite music to your Media Library by copying music tracks from the audio CD to your hard drive in a secure form. This will allow you to create custom playlists of your favorite songs and then be able to listen to your music without needing to put in the audio CD. Once your playlists have been created in your Media Library, you can then easily transfer your favorite songs to your portable device.
To copy an audio CD
  1. Insert your CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Click CD Audio. If you are connected to the Internet, the Windows Media Player will automatically attempt to retrieve the Artist’s name, CD title and the names of each of the tracks. If it does not detect the track names, you can click on the “Get Names” button and either search for the name of the CD in the database on the Web or manually enter the names yourself
  3. To Start copying: If you have not previously copied tracks from the CD, all tracks are selected. Clear the check box next to any track you do not wish to copy.
  4. Click Copy Music.
    All selected tracks are copied to the Archive folder and are listed in the Media Library.