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First of all, I am 13 years old, and am a big classic rock/80's music fan. I also like Supertramp, the Eagles, also 50's/early 60's Rock Oldies. But Springsteen has a great sound. I also hate rap, and Eminem. Springsteen was born in Freehold, N.J, in 1949. With brief stints with such bands as Rogues and Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom, Springsteen found himself a place with the E-Street Band, and with them he remained until 1989. Though, this wouldn't be the last time they would play together. The 1973 albums marked the beginning of Springsteen's career and since then, "The Boss" has sold tens of millions of albums and won over legions of loyal fans worldwide in his 30 plus years as a "rock and roll legend". His break came after a tour with the band Chicago. Springsteen captivated the audiences in these live shows, and seeing an opportunity, the singer-songwriter came up with what is called his breakthrough effort Born to Run in 1974. Three of my favorite songs are Born To Run, Glory Days, and Hungry Hearts.