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The Le Baron Files


The J Body Chrysler Lebaron Coupe and Convertible debuted in 1987; filling the spot left by the cancellation of the Chrysler Laser and the directly K car based Lebaron sedan/coupe convertible. The cars were K based as well; but couldn't really be confused with their predecessors.



The design was quite unlike anything else offered by Chrysler at the time; indeed even today they turn heads.

Engine choices were plenty; a 2.5L N/A (naturally aspirated) four was standard through 1993. Also available at various times were a 2.2L Turbo 4, two versions of a 2.5L Turbo 4, and a Mitsubishi built 3.0L V6. The V6 was generally available with an automatic, though there are some reports of a 3.0\5spd.

The interior would look very familiar to the Chrysler Laser fan; as it was virtually the same; especially the dashboard which was identical except for minor trim changes.

  • 1989 saw the happy disappearence of the 'passive' door mounted shoulder seatbelts that were previously standard. A driver's side airbag replaced them; one of the first available in a car most people could afford.Two turbos were available: the 2.2 and 2.5. Starting in 1989, the 2.5 Turbo I was the common engine, and if you purchased a GTC with the five speed you got the 2.2 liter intercooled Turbo II engine.
  • In 1990 the Lebaron (and cousin Daytona) received an interior update; a much more contemporary look compared to the at that point dated interior (vintage 1984). Content levels were also upgraded; even base (designated Highline) models came with power doors & windows; as well as power; heated mirrors. The 2.5 turbo was available with a slight increase in horsepower and lots of extra torque. The four speed automatic made its debut.
  • The 2.2 turbo was dropped in 1991.
  • In 1993 the car received a facelift; the covered headlamps were gone; and the tail lamps were updated. 1993 was also the last year for the coupe.

    The 1994 model saw some streamlining as the Lebaron neared the end of it's model run; not only was the coupe gone; but so was the overmatched 2.5L four and the powerful but course Turbo 2.5L; leaving only the Mitsu 3.0 V6. This is the first year that a Turbo is unavailable. A passenger side airbag is added. There is only one trim level; fully loaded. The Lebaron is still one of the best selling convertibles around.

    1995 saw the last year for the Lebaron. Changes are confined to a few color variations.